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Did you set any resolutions for 2020?

If you are like me, at least one of said resolutions will have something to do with improving your health and wellbeing. 

Whilst I strongly believe maintaining wellbeing is about much more than just what you eat and how you move, you cant deny it is a bit part of it. 

For this reason I have pulled together my top strategies to help you get on top of your health and wellbeing this years, and I hope, for good. 

Although this is a general plan, without a doubt if you follow it, you can improve your health. 

That said, that does not mean that during the 5 days you will lose all the weight, gain tons of energy. This is your introduction to healthy eating and self care. It is your job to continue the weight loss plan and believe me when I tell you it will pay dividends.

You will feel

  • lighter
  • slimmer
  • sleep better
  • improved digestion
  • increased sleep
  • Increase energy

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