make parent hood your superpower

I was 13 when I started my first diet. I had no idea what I was doing but figured that calories in vs calories out was the way to go.

Sadly for me, and many others, this advice ruined my relationship with food and myself, not to mention a metabolism that was so wrecked from reducing calories 

I stacked on weight by just looking at it. 

Sometimes I was skinny, sometimes fat, but rarely ever body happy. 

My emotions dictated my weight. And in my desperation to be a “normal” size I looked at mass media for answers.

I saw the crazy fad diets, expensive shakes + fat magnets (BS for your information) and bought into it all. I was desperate to find the truth but never knew where to look. You name the diet + I did it. 

But none of them delivered what I needed. 

Happiness and confidence in my own skin, not for just a week or a month, but for good. 

I wanted to be a healthy and happy in my own skin, was that really too much to ask. I was working hard, I was constantly at the gym, often twice a day, and constantly cutting calories. Turning down friends and nights out so I could stay in and control my calorie intake.

I was just waiting for that one day that I would find a way of eating that would allow me to actual live… on my terms. I needed to stop missing out on life.

I thought it was my body that needed to change, but it was my mindset that needed the biggest transformation. 

The biggest wake up call arrived weighting just 2.4 kilos, my eldest son! 

Everything changed. Everything.

I could no longer live with such hatred against my body. How could I after it had given be a baby. 

3 months since I made my decision I was at my fighting weight and I felt amazing. 

What changed? 

I looked within. Cliche I know but…. That is the truth. 

I started to work with my body not against it. As a Human Physiologist  I am well versed in how the body works (ironically), so finally I started to make friends with it.

I began to shift my mindset and heal from within.

I stopped listening to fake claims from diet companies and started listening to the one thing I should have been listening to all along, my body.

Today I know my body.

I know the foods and drinks that make me feel

❌Gain weight

❌Slow down my metabolism

❌Feel Bloated

❌Slow down digestion

❌Give me spots


❌Sore joints

❌Give me cellulite

I finally know my body + the difference is revolutionary!!

We are all individuals, with different backgrounds, blood types, ethnicity yet we place all our trust in others before we place it in ourselves.

If you are struggling with health or energy I encourage you to look within. You have the answers  you need, you just need to look.

Today my everything is my family, like I know yours is too. They need me to have the energy + health so I can be there for them. 

It is a non negotiable, not only for me, but more importably for them.

I have to be there,

✅To take care of them

✅To play with them 

✅To motivate them

✅To love my body so they can love theirs

✅To inspire them to be the best version of themselves

✅To be their role model

My health + body is no longer about fitting my bum into a pair of tight jeans or looking good in a bikini
(as nice as that is), it’s about them. 

My health is about being there for my family every step of the way and for as long as possible to help them live their life to the fullest.

Don’t ever settle for a life you do not love. It is out there for you. But it will never be found if you don’t look!

One life is all we have xx make it count

They need me to have the energy to play

This is revolutionary + I strongly suggest you start working with your body. 

I need to be here for my children

I need to be here to take care of my family

I need to be their role model

Of course there is help outside, but often the best answers come from within.

When I began to listen to my body, to take note of what foods and exercises were causing me to be fat, sick + injured, everything changed…. And I mean everything

The weight dropped off me

Now I never worry about events or family gatherings. I know what food my body needs and chose with confidence. I stay away from the food that makes me sick and tired. It’s that simple

I just wanted to be able to eat wholesome food and be in a body I was happy and confident with. Instead my weight 

These boys have caused me to grow, progress and improve more than I could ever imagine.

Becoming a parent is scary as hell, but actually doing it 24/7 and being that one to inspire them is even scarier.

 What and even scarier when u get into the nitty gritty of them growing up. But it is the biggest growth spurt or kick up. up the ass you u will ever receive in your life.

Take it and run with it

Your health, growth and happiness is no longer just about you. 

More than anything it’s about them. Showing them the magic of willpower, motivation and staying power

If you give up, they give up

If you grow, they grow

It’s scary stuff but u r their number one role model. 

They will model their life on yours and learn from you

So if you are not loving a life that you would be proud for them to live. 

Change it 

Yes you may be scared but forget about u. Ur courage is to show them that anything can be done with the right energy, focus and mindset

I have always wanted to be better but my excuses held me back. When I had kids I could no longer hide behind the bullshit I told  

You are their role model. If you can’t walk your talk, or push yourself when you scared or tired then how can u expect them to?

Parenthood is your superpower. You just have to chose it xx

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