Every new year I would have a set of goals I was desperate to achieve.  As a serial yoyo dieter you can imagine what they were. 

Repeatedly every year I would vow to lose weight, get in shape and finally be happy with the body I had been blessed with. The thing is this went on a lot, like every bloody year. 

It was laughable really. I would make the goal and then after a couple of weeks give up, then start again and so on and so on. Waste of time, life, energy and thinking power.

The thing is my goal was massive in my eyes, and totally broad in how i perceived it. I just wanted to see the needle on the scale move and feel good when I looked in the mirror. I just saw one huge goal to get from point a to point be. Simple.

Thing is that is a stupid (and as evident in my experience) not actionable. 

I made it so difficult to achieve my goal before I even set to it, seriously. I could have made it so much easier by nust chunking it down.

So I am going to share a case study of a beautiful woman who wanted to lose 10 kilos last year. Like me, and many others, weight loss had been her goal every new year and it had never been achievable. Until we had a rendezvous and broke it down into small and manageable tasks.

Weight Loss Goal - 10Kilos

JUST ask yourself what you need to do in order to achieve this and write it down. 

Add a checkbox like that attached you are done!!

  • I just need to stop eating late at night when I store fat
  • I just need to stop eating processed food
  • I just need to start planning my meals
  • I just need to make sure i don't have tempting and unhealthy foods in my cupboard
  • I just need to get to the gym 3 times a week
  • I just need to exercise for 15 minutes in the morning to set my heart rate and fat burning
  • I just need to eat clean food
  • I just need to eat protein
  • I just need to eat dinner without distraction
  • I just need to act like the person I want to be

As a society we have an obsession with making weight loss and feeling amazing particularly hard and complex, and its not. We just need to take action, consistently and keep on track

Much love

sabina sulovsky womens health coach

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