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Is the summer heat getting to you?

As a UK expat every year I feel exhausted with the heat. Fortunately I have adopted a few simple strategies to kick heat exhaustion, dizziness and heat induced fatigue to the kerb!

I've lived in Australia for over 16 years, and whilst my move was made because of my attraction to the glorious warm weather, I do not tolerate the summer heat all.

And whilst I comfortably tolerate the summer heat when I go the the beach or cool off in the luxury of constant air conditioning, life is not so luxurious unfortunately!

Fortunately I have mastered a few strategies to beat the heat (and even use it to my advantage to detox) over the years, and they are so easy, you will love them too.

Those at higher risk of summer heat include individuals who are 

  • Obese
  • Heart, circulatory, respiratory diseases
  • Diabetics
  • Individuals taking certain medicines
  • and the elderly

But healthy individuals are far from safe, in fact hundreds of "healthy" individuals suffer and even die every year through not being aware of the risks of the summer heat.

Employing a few simple strategies and being more mindful of the summer heat can help significantly reduce some of the effects linked to the summer heat, including

  • Heart palpitations
  • Heat cramps
  • Heat Stroke
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Tiredness 
  • Fast or weak pulse
  • Heavy Sweating
  • Dizziness

To help prevent the onset of the summer heat blues, let me share with you 3 incredibly simple tips.


Hardly ground breaking, but it is remarkable how many people skip drinking water in lieu of often dehydrating drinks such as iced coffee, sweet sodas and juice. 

These all cause your body to become more dehydrated, and when coupled with the summer heat, this can result in some serious symptoms.
One of the most notable changes to your body during the summer heat is its ability to retain water. This is not the most comfortable, but you can attempt to reduce water retention in the summer by drinking more water. This is how your body attempts to keep hydrated. 

By giving your body a hand, ie supplying more water,  the body will not feel the need to hold on to so much, reducing bloating and that puffy belly feeling. 


  • Double your water intake at least. Aim for 4 litres of water per day
  • Drink room temperature to warm to avoid shocking your body's system
  • Ensure first drink of day is 500mls of water to rehydrate after the evening's dehydration
  • Invest in a water filter to eliminate heavy metals and chemicals that can further add to summer heat symptoms and other illnesses
  • Make a homemade electrolyte drink (water or coconut water, lemon, pomegranate and 1/4 tsp salt + 
  • Magnesium powder)
  • Stay away from dehydrating drinks eg caffeine, alcohol, juices


Staying cool of course is a no brainer, but if being a bit more mindful and planning your day can take out the stress of seeking a cool spot on the go when the summer heat hits.

  • Opt for shade or Air Conditioned rooms
  • Wear loose, lightly coloured cotton clothes 
  • Ensure good ventilation and breeze
  • Avoid crowds that can cause extra stress on body 
  • Reschedule intense workouts or jobs to another day or cooler part of the day
  • Plan activities in early morning or late evening
  • Take cold showers to reset your body's thermostat


Sweat leaches a lot of vital minerals from our bodies. Ordinarily we can replace these salts with our diet. However in cases of extreme summer heat there is often not time to replace lost salts. 

This loss of salts can create a great deal of stress on our body as it fights to work properly, causing cramps, headaches, weak muscles and lots more

There are several drinks on the market that claim to restore electrolytes. Sadly many of them are pumped with sugar which ironically negates the electrolyte advantage.

Making your own electrolyte drink is relatively easy. The main ingredients been filtered water, a pinch of salt, magnesium powder and a small bit of juice to increase absorption. 

Pure coconut water is also an excellent drink to help replace electrolytes lost in the summer heat. However be sure to drink it cool but not ice cold, which can again shock your system and cause stomach cramps

There are lots more, but using these super simple tips can go a really long way and help prevent the summer heat blues.

Stay safe beautiful 

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