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Your gut is hot news! 

Or so it seems to be, everywhere I look I see information about how to take care of your gut! 

And rightly so.

Modern day diets, are killing not only our critical gut bacteria in our microbiome(the ones that make all the feel good hormones and chemicals and keep our immune system upto scratch) but the  fake foods and processed foods we consume are actually breaking down our gut lining, leading to leaky gut, allergies and autoimmunity. 

But it is not all doom and gloom, your gut can heal itself, and with a bit of TLC and fine tuning you can get it to support your mental and physical health, and if you want to lose a few kilos, your gut has got that too.

Here are a few lifestyle changes you can make today to start your journey toward a healthier gut.


eliminate gluten to help digestive system

These pesky little proteins can cross the lining of your gut and create havoc on your insides, causing your body to literally launch an immune attack against them. This results in not only feeling bloody terrible, constipated, moody, bloated, but it also leaves you very inflamed, something that we don't want to see unless necessary.


for digestive health, give gut time to heal

Your body is constantly in a repair and renew mode to keep everything hunky dory. And like you would expect it needs a proper break to do this. 

For most of our healing our body takes advantage of when we are asleep to reset and restore, but modern life often does not allow time for this when you consider that meals are often eaten late. Eating meals late, particularly that contain heavy carbs and red meat are very stressful on the digestive system. This means that instead of resting up for the next day, the gut is working whilst you are asleep to process what you have eaten. This not only results in a disturbance of sleep but weight gain, constipation and bloating , not to mention exhausted gut are the result. 


probiotics for digestive system

If you have taken antibiotics, are very partial to the odd glass of wine or hand sanitiser then taking a probiotic is a great way to help repopulate your good bacteria and rebalance things. 

There are a range of probiotics and unless you have a proper test (let me know if you need one) the chances are you don't know which one you need, so as with anything you put in your body, the key is to take note. Experiment and observe. . 

I would suggest either having a test if you are really concerned or a chat with your health professional.  A general refrigerated probiotics such as the genus Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium or Saccharomyces boulardii genre.

Probiotics are not a overnight fix, you need to take them consistently. Give the probiotics as much of a chance as possible to colonise your gut, eating them on an empty stomach before bed and with only cold drinks so as not to interfere with them doing their thang. 

NOTE ALWAYS take note of how them make you feel. Use a journal or your lifestyle journal to take notes. The reason I stress this is that we are all bio individuals, there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition (or anything) for that matter. There are so many strains of different bacteria and your gut will be determined by your background, how you were born, what you ate as a child, where you grew up and the list goes on.

So be sure to observe how it feels.

These are very basic and easy gut  health tips that I know you can start to do today, if you really want to that is. 

As someone who has been plagued with digestive issues for most of my life I see these changes as a really small price to pay to feel ‘normal’.

All it takes is a few little promises to yourself and you will start to feel so much better

With love 

sabina sulovsky sydneys best weight loss coach

Is your gut causing you issues.

Start looking at what and how you are eating to get closer to a discomfort free life