weight loss goal setting

🎯What is your goal + vision for the next 6 months?

(abstract from The Body Reset program)

For some of us we just don't know.

And I get it, especially with life being as crazy and unpredictable as it is right now.

That said I cannot NOT share with you the power of having a strong goal and vision for the future + how it can literally change your life. I have found goal settinginvaluablee, not only in terms of what deciding the direction I want my life to go in, but also how I want to look and feel (an not this is not vain)

I create a goal and vision for the end of the day, end of the week, then end of the month and of course 6 months and year.

I have to. I need a destination. Think of it as if you were getting in an uber and not having predetermined where you are going on the nifty app.

You would just go ROUND AND ROUND AND ROUND in circles, spending not only a shed load of time on stuff that is likely unimportant, but also not even getting close to the destination.

Each morning I sit alone with a cup of coffee and write my goals and visions for the day and eventually 6 months. It doesn't take long, less than five minutes.

But it is oh so powerful in ruffling my feathers and giving me the kick up the backside for the day and everyday to take massive action.

If you struggle with motivation (and we all do at some point) and getting clear on your destination, dedicating just a couple of minutes to this everyday can help you see things oh so clearly!

To get you started just ask yourself a couple of simple questions

  • What do i want  (be specific, clear, visualise it, feel it)
  • Why do I want it (is it for you, your confidence, your family, to have fun with your kids)
  • Am i getting myself closer to it every day (and if not, just take some action) Be honest with yourself. Use this as a measure about how much you actually really do want this!!

I started this process about 8 years ago. I was struggling with motivation. I was a mum to young kids and was having a bit of a 'time' finding myself and getting myself moving toward my goals. You can get a copy of my template here!

By paying attention to my goals, what I immediately noticed is that I was not clear on them. You may not believe in the law of attraction, but there is no way you can attract something if you have no clue what it is.

This simple, yet powerful ritual is now part of my daily routine, and I encourage anyone who is feeling a bit 'average' to start it.





you want something can be the start of something big will propel you into the space of actually getting it

With love + wellness

sabina sulovsky sydneys best weight loss coach