Is it time to detox your home?

Cleaning Products mimic our body's natural hormones, creating a devastating effect on our very sensitive endocrine system.

Xeno oestrogens or fake oestrogens pepper much of modern life, from shampoos to dry cleaning products to household cleaners to plastics such as tuppaware and water bottles and even tap water.

These excess oestrogens can have debilitating effects on our body such as


In women + girls






⚠️Low sex drive

⚠️Mood swings, including anxity and depression


⚠️Early onset puberty

⚠️Irregular periods


⚠️Poor circulation

In men + boys 

⚠️Enlarged breasts or gynecomastia

⚠️Infertility issues

⚠️Shrinking muscle mass

⚠️Loss of bone density (osteoporosis)


⚠️Reduced growth of genitals

⚠️Loss of hair

⚠️Lack of cognition and focus

⚠️Late onset puberty in boys

⚠️Erectile dysfunction

One of the biggest contributor of fake oestrogens polluting the home is household cleaners and personal hygeine.

Making a few simple swaps can really help not only reduce adverse symptoms


Common contributors include 

⚠️Dishwashing power

⚠️Rinse Aid

⚠️Laundry Detergent

⚠️Fabric Softener

⚠️Bathroom Cleaner

⚠️Window cleaner

⚠️Dishwashing liquids

⚠️Air fresheners

Making a few quick swaps can significantly reduce chemicals in your home

Make the switch and feel amazing

Yours with love

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