Confused what to eat, how to eat + when?

Or are you simply choosing to be confused by what to eat, how to eat and when?

Don’t worry, it is more common than you think!! 

You are not alone!

I see this a lot, and it is a normal, and very natural things to do from a psychological point of view (I am sure the psychs in the house will back me up)

I say this because sometimes the confusion and overwhelm we feel, no matter in what area of our life can actually be keeping us safe, protecting us from the higher good. It is this keeping us playing small, and yes, that includes in poor health too that allows, low energy and pain can keep us from pushing ourselves, from facing the unknown. Poor health can give us certainty and significance and prevent us from challenging the status quo.

'Confusion' about what to eat, how to eat and when... and all the other stuff that comes with it such as what exercise to do, sleep routines keeps us small and just safe enough that we don't have to push and enter into the scary zone of uncertainty. 

Keeping within our comfort zone is safe. It is known, and allows us to stay in that fixed mindset whilst still pretending not to be in that fixed mindset if you know what I mean lol!

  No pushing the boundaries or worse addressing issues that you would rather push under the carpet.

Breaking free of sore joints, low energy, fatigue and weight issues may seem scary, unlearning old habits and learning new ones, but what if you turned that fear into excitement?

We think of health as vanity, but it is anything but.. it can give us, and our family an immeasurable life. Having unstoppable energy can open doors for you that you never thought possible, new found confidence, confidence to climb the corporate ladder, energy to lead with passion and heart, perhaps the courage to find real love.

A clear path is right in front of you, but are you keeping yourself safe (and small) by choosing to ignoring it with the safety net of confusion.

With love


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