gluten intolerance

Think you might be gluten intolerant?

Unlike most food intolerances, gluten intolerance is hard to pick up, particularly as you can experience issues with gluten months after ever having gluten. 

Gluten can remain in your body for upto 4 months after you actually ate it due to the sticky nature of the protein molecules, 

These intolerances can certainly be frustrating and inconvenient but for many they can be in fact debilitating, interfering with work and personal life. 

If you suspect an intolerance for gluten reach out for help. Gluten intolerance is still not always recognised in some medical practices, but be nutritional coaches such as myself can offer a sympathetic ear and some clear strategies and guidance to eliminating gluten from your diet. 

Symptoms of gluten intolerance included

  1. Many inflammatory disorders, such as sore joints, including some forms of arthritis, PCOS, headaches, brain fog, psoriasis, puffy skin, IBS, bloating and fatigue
  2. Weight struggles (due to inflammation) Your body puts on the weight loss breaks when it is inflamed. It does this as a way to promote survival. This means if your body is inflamed from gluten it is unlikely it will release fat due to the biochemistry of the body. 
  3. Autoimmunity activation. Significant links between gluten and autoimmunity have been shown. This is particularly logical when considered that gluten damages the integrity of the intestinal cell wall, making holes in the membrane, aka leaky gut. Through these holes gluten is able to pass into the bloodstream, eliciting an immune response on the body itself. 
  4. Dysbiosis in the gut. By upsetting the balance of gut bacteria gluten can be a causative factor in depression due to it's impact on serotonin levels which are produced in the gut

Having the acuity and being mindful to how your body is feeling and what it is trying to say to you can be so helpful and when or if you do decided to eliminate gluten from your diet the difference to how your body functions mentally and physically can be revolutionary. 

Curious how a gluten free diet can impact your life?

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