how to burn fat simply

For a long time I struggled with my energy, both mentally and physically. My energy levels dictated ‘who’ I was on that particular day. Sabina the life of the party, or Sabina the hermit crab who would stay under the quilt hoping ‘this feeling’ would go away.

I would change plans at the drop of a hat if I was feeling a bit low, mentally or physically.

Not something I am proud of but if you have ever struggled you will understand.

I only wanted to show my friends the happy me, the energetic me…

Today things have changed, but I don’t forget the 3 biggest mistakes I made when it came to ‘trying’ to be happy and energetic



Calories are not created equal!

If your body consumes a spoonful of raw almonds or a mars bar, same amount of calories, they will be processed by your body completely differently.

One will cause a massive blood sugar surge, then insulin surge then fat storage, the other however will instead increase your metabolism to burn more fat (I will let you guess which is which lol)



Not for one second did I see this coming. When your gut is sick or inflamed as it is with IBS, chronic constipation, digestive stress your brain feels it. It is called the gut brain axis, a bidirectional superhighway between your brain and your gut.

What’s more, 95% of your natural feel good hormone serotonin (our natural prozac) is produced by the gut. If your gut is sick, it simply is incapable of making any.



Working against your biological clocks, regardless of macros or calories will likely put your body under some stress. This can impact everything from your ability to go to sleep to going to the bathroom, simply due to timing to of course releasing energy.

The good thing is that these big mistakes can all be simply fixed with a bit of adjustment here are there… by understanding your physiology and listening to your body, such as it’s pain centres and energy levels you can make some great changes!