When was the last time you did something for you?

It was a question that I had no answer for..


Because I was a Mum… + I actually didn’t feel worthy.  I didn't feel that I  deserved to do something for myself… especially if it involved time or heaven forbid .... money…

Back then I wasn't earning any real  money, I was blogging and helping others but there was no significant income. That is not to say I didnt work, if you are a carer or parent you will know.... the reality was I had never worked harder in my life.  

My two boys were and always will be my everything.... so I gave them every ounce of my energy... until I nearly cracked up.

For some crazy, messed up reason I had this belief that all the energy I had was for my kids. That being a Mother was all about giving ALL my energy away to my little ones and leaving my cup drained and empty.

I mean nobody hands you a manual with motherhood, you have a few ideas of how to do it and not do it from your mum and  family but other than that, you just wing it and hope for the best. 

Back then I thought that in order for me to do what is  best for my family, it meant giving them all my energy, like all of it.

So I did.

I went without sleep, as we all do, without food, as we all do, and all the other sacrificial jazz that comes with being a mum.  Needless to say, as someone who was at that time extremely sensitive, goal driven and had not one ounce of self love... I burnt out.... I was shot!

The funny thing is that the drive of doing everything for my family was actually putting me in an early grave... and in that case my little family would not be the thriving vision I had for them. 

Since then I have done a lot of work on myself.... self development is my middle name + it's pretty self evident if you come to my home. But it was work I had to do. Because quite honestly I don't know where I would be today without it. 

I spent a ton of money, not one single cent of what I regret + had more epiphanies than you can shake a stick at... and it was absolutely worth it.

You are important.

You matter.

You are worthy

And you absolutely are deserving of THE best life has to offer....


But you need to go get it.

Go claim that life you have been dreaming about... the one that keeps you up at night because you know deep inside there is more to your life than what you have right now. 

Today I am 100% where I need to be, at the top of my priority list…+ I have to say the view looks great from here!

Does that make me selfish, a bad parent, a bad human being….. NOPE…. it just makes me be me + own it. 

And you know what…. when I am thriving, when my energy is bursting + I am singing and dancing around the house because I am full of so much energy… everyone else feels incredible too.

My point… don’t forget you…. you are important, you are worthy and you are everything xx

Love Sabina