5 Day Weight loss Kickstarter

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Are you ready, determined + desperate to kick your wellbeing into gear?

Do you frequently feel 

  • Tired
  • Experience achy joints
  • Low mood 
  • Bloated
  • Constipated

Then this 5 day kickstarter is for you


Over the next 5 days I am going to teach you 5 secret shortcuts to 

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Switch your body to fat burning mode
  • Reduce digestive stress
  • Reduce mental fog
  • Eliminate Fat + toxins

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5 Strategies Delivered to your  inbox

These mind-blowing shortcuts will amplify both your fat burning, digestion, energy + weight loss 

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Morning Routine

Amazing days start with amazing mornings. Here are sample routines to help you find yours + start to thrive as soon. as you wake up

Macronutrient Cheat Sheet

Learn when to eat and what to eat. Calories balanced with calories out do not equal weight loss. It is all about timing the right macronutrients

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Lifestyle Journal

Your body is always trying to tell you something. The key is to pay attention and listen

I'm Sabina and during my 20 years in the wellness industry I have learned how simple it really is to lose weight, feel strong and feel amazing.

Whilst I can't pack all secrets into just 5 days (I will try my darn hardest!)

, I will cram my top 5 hacks and shortcuts that I guarantee will make you feel better than you ever have before..... and I can't wait to share them

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What to expect

Over the next 5 days I will be delivering my secret wellness toolkit

Your Wellness Toolkit Includes

I have simplified this by providing you with all you need to start your wellness journey.

What Others Say


Sabina's love for helping people thrive is exceptional. This is cutting edge and so is she.

Craig Wellman, CEO, Wellman Australia


It’s an awesome initiative by a person who is dedicated towards the success and wellness of others. This is a business with a very clear sense of purpose and the purpose is “your” wellness. Love the intent, passion and knowledge which drives your success

Abhijnan Datt, Project Engineer


I think you are amazing! I've had ignorant doctors and looked through so many websites and you figured it all out for me, I'm so happy

Janelle Brown

Digital Designer

 New You

Kickstart your Health + Wellbeing with this super 5 Day Wellness Kickstarter

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Sabina Sulovsky

And I am determined to help you thrive.

After 20 years in the wellbeing industry as both a trainer +  health coach, I have learnt the tricks + tips to make you thrive, simply.

Sabina Sulovsky. All rights Reserved  

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