Live the life you were created to live

When you are rocking your health + wellbeing you become unstoppable....

If you have struggled to reach your ideal weight, your best energy levels and your best wellbeing, then this is for you

Complimentary Consultation

This consultation is all about you.

Following a lifestyle assessment + blood sugar testing 

I will begin to give you proven solutions to help

Weight Struggles




Mild Depression

Joint Pain


Chronic Pain...............


I have been where you are......

Lost in the river of endless advice + diets that promise the world

You feel overwhelmed, you don't know what to believe + the lack of clarity makes you feel even more overwhelmed.

I have a secret..... it doesn't have to be so hard

I have a program that is personalised to your and your body.

You are the leader, you decide if dairy makes you feel sick, or bloated, or congested... This program is led by you and created by us, together. The expert + the client. 

You know your body better than anyone else, that is why only you can make it thrive.

Why a  Wellness Coach?

Huge Benefit 1


I know the ins and outs of diets and I know what works and what is a fad

Huge Benefit 2


You have access to me always through the technology of voxer, my preferred messaging service

how to be healthy with Sabina Sulovsky

Huge Benefit 3


One of the main reasons fail to realise their goals is lack of investment. As your coach + #1 supporter I have your back. I will keep you in check. 

morning routine

Huge Benefit 4


I have experienced every diet, the highs and the lows. When someone has been there, they are with you, they know what you are going through

Huge Benefit 3


As a IIN Certified Health Coach with a BSc (Hons) in Human Physiology I have a abundance of theoretical and applied study

Huge Benefit 4


I believe everything is connected. Your mood, your sleep patterns, your stress. We look at the big picture

how to burn fat simply

You only get one life

make it as fun + vibrant + painfree as possible

As someone who has spent over 2 decades struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin, to feel healthy + be bursting with energy, I know what it is like to miss out.

To miss out on life because your body doesn't work , you feel embarrassed or have no energy to do anything.

That pain is your motivation 

What Others Say


ith a very clear sense of purpose and the purpose is “your” wellness

Abhi Datta 

 /Project Manager


Sabina is a magician when it comes to hacking your wellbeing.

Nina Clayton 

/ Executive Assistant


If you are looking for a personalised roadmap to the healthiest you, Sabina will deliver it.

Sally Olster

/ Fashion Blogger

The Programs Personalised Wellbeing

I believe everybody's body is different and truly unique.

For that reason there is no one diet or lifestyle that fits all.

These program tailor your nutrition, movement + mindset to your individual needs.

Sabina Sulovsky

I'm a health + wellness coach specialising in helping women thrive. 

As someone who has experienced her own wellbeing issues, I have lived where you are right now. 

Through training, research and lots of study I am help women just like you live your best life + become unstoppable at being amazing

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