Breakfast : Super Simple Bircher Muesli

When eaten for breakfast with 20grams of Protein

One of the main reasons my clients skip breakfast is due to their time constraints. 

Breakfast is a busy time of the morning and it is often just go, go, go. 

But that doesn't mean you need to skip breakfasts, especially when you can whip it up 1 t or 2 nights before, so there really is no excuse.

This bircher muesli has so many yummy, nutritious ingredients that it really packs a big breakfast punch, not to mention keeps you full and alert for ages due to the balance of sugars and fibre.

As I said, Bircher Muesli It last for up-to 3 days but if your family are anything like mine it will be gone in a day!



  • Whole Grain Oats
  • Full Fat Greek Yogurt
  • Soy or whole milk 
  • Roughly chopped raw almonds
  • Natvia
  • Dried Goji Berries
  • Pepitas
  • Raw almonds
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Frozen Redcurrants

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl, ideally with a lid so you can store it in the fridge (saves on washing up). Add milk to your liking depending on how soggy you want it. Be advised the oats absorb a great deal of moisture, you can add extra water if you like.  Add natural yogurt and stir.

When finished combining ingredients, taste the mixture to determine if it is sweet enough for your liking. 

Store in fridge overnight. 

If you have time check it and top up with water or milk if it is too dry.

breakfast muesli