health tips to survive isolation

How are you holding up in isolation?

It is not easy is it?

I am so with you.

 Homeschooling my kid is leaving me little time for myself, not to mention how my business. But you know what , we will all get through it, and if we approach it the right way and pivot with life's ever changing gifts we might even come out of this thing feeling even better. 

So, I have put together 100 plus health tips that I know will leave you feeling energised and elevate your mental and physical health.... if use them that is.

That means, using these small but mighty tips to elevate your health during isolation:

  • Consistently
  • Honestly 
  • Intentionally
Isolation doesn't have to mean we have to grow a beer gut and live in our sloppy pants till hibernation is over.

It can mean that we make the most the situation and use the time and focus we have to finally realise those things like health goals, we have been putting off for some time. I mean it's not like you are going to be distracted by people asking you out for dinner or drinks and cocktails with friends. 

Health and wellbeing is shrouded by the false claim that it is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. In fact far from it. If we take the fear of challenge out of it and just do it we would be surprised how simple it is to adopt a healthier lifestyle and that's before you start to see the oodles of benefits, such as

  • Brighter skin,
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy,
  • Better sleep

and that is just from increasing your water intake...I am not joking!

Pick 3 of these tips and implement them in your daily life.  It is that easy.

Your one life has to be your best life!!

Lots and lots of love

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