Hour of Power or HOP as we call it in The Body Reset!

Do you have one?

Silly question!

We all have one... the question is how aware of it are you? And most importantly do you make the most of it by taking full advantage of the magical time when everything just flows?

For some of us the answer may be no.... 

And whilst this is ok.... if you are trying to get more stuff done in a shorter space of time... then finding your Hour of Power could fast track your productivity. 

If you are not aware of an Hour of Power, I first discovered it from Tony Robbins. And whilst Tony's  Hour of Power is pretty full (ice baths and such like)  yours need not be. 

The key is to just go simple, first find it, then layer on productivity tools and routines as you get more into it.

So what exactly is your Hour Of Power?

The Hour of Power is individual to most people, it is a period of time, often about an hour, where your energy, alertness, productivity, intuition, decision making is at its A game... when things just flow and solutions and ideas come easily and effortlessly. 

From a physiological, mental and biochchemial  point of view the morning works best.

It is the morning  when everything is fresh and new and your hormones and body is just kicking off, it also THE #1 TIME we deliberately and consciously focus our efforts to ramp up our metabolism in the The Body Reset but the hour where your energy flows re productivity could be very different. 

If you are yet to identify and make the most of your power hour then here are a few tips to help you locate it, lock it in and use it to your fullest advantage. 

Locate your Hour of Power and you can achieve more in those 60 minutes than you do all day and I am more serious than you think. 

Fine tune your Hour of Power and you can triple your productivity, decision making and action taking to make things happen which at other times of the day may be swamped in procrastination and indecision. 

Try these strategies to discover your hour or even 30 minutes of Power to uplevel your life. 


1. Keep a journal

Record your energy levels and productivity throughout the day for a week or two.
Make note of the times when you feel the most focused, energised, and productive. Look for patterns: Review your journal and look for patterns or trends.

Do you consistently feel the most productive in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

Are there specific times of day when your energy levels are lower or higher?
Notice when you get most things done with ease. Sharpen your awareness around your energy and how you feel?

2. Experiment

Once you have identified the times when you feel the most productive and focused, try to schedule your most important tasks during those hours or like I do schedule the tricky stuff, or the stuff you don't like to do during this time a la Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy.

Experiment with different schedules and routines until you find the one that works best for you. Regularly evaluate your hour of power, as we change so do our mental states, honour that and adjust and tweak accordingly to maximise this precious time. 

3. Listen to your body

Pay attention to your body and how it feels throughout the day. If you feel tired or drained during certain times, it may be an indication that those are not your power hours.

Check in with yourself regularly and ask questions? Is this the right time for me to be productive, how does my body feel?

Your body is always communicating with you, but it is your job to listen... listen well and you will shortcut your way to going forward

4. Optimise your environment

Make sure that your environment is conducive to productivity during your power hour.

Use your Hour Of Power to its full potential by making sure you are at a clean desk, sat up straight in a supported chair. These tiny adjustments may seem minimal but your body will respond to them, even when you think it isnt. 

Minimise clutter, distractions and create a workspace that is comfortable and motivating and completely aligned with how you want to feel and what you want to do. 

Remember that everyone is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding your power hour. It may take some trial and error to find the routine that works best for you. 

The key is to just start looking and listening to your body and energy and the more you listen the more you will hear what your body is trying to say?

For me HOP  is 5am..... everything just sings, what about you?

When is your Hour of Power?

with love and optimal health 

sabina sulovsky sydneys best weight loss coach