What is stress stealing from you..... without your permission?

Personally it has stolen a lot.... I have always been a nervous person.... you could call it stressed... anxious...

I thought I had gotten rid of of it until recently I had exams, deadlines, looming events.... and everything came back....

If you are familiar with extreme stress it can floor you... I know at the beginning of my career into the health space it was like I was walking though mud. 

I had amazing ideas but execution got me stuck... I could not and sometimes would not... just move... stuck with stress, anxiety

You may know the feeling when stress comes and floors you...... it hits you... hard...

  • Self Love
  • Career Advances
  • Mental Health
  • Finances
  • Love for others
  • Increased Productivity
  • Sleep
  • Energy

But sometimes.... is not as bad as we perceive it to be.... but we generate such a story, a terror inside that it becomes bigger than what it really is... 

Perfect example.... I was presenting recently... a great opportunity... for my career and my business... but I had built it up from being 'just' presenting a few ideas to my peers some of which were friends.... into a MASSIVE 'thing'.... 

If you had witnessed the amount of sheer terror I had generated inside of my mind and my body... I always feel stress in my body too...you would be mistaken for thinking I was giving an international TED talk.

I had blown a 'simple' presentation into the such a huge thing that my nervous system had turned around and said 'fuck you' and shut down.

I couldn't think, let alone string a sentence together.

It was amazing to think that an event, an event  that I was at one point quite looking forward to, had dropped me into a hole so deep I was lost how to get out. 

Of course everyone around me felt my pain... my kids, husband were getting a battering ... everything was suffering and the event was still 2 weeks away ... and if I had given myself just a few minutes to look at it objectively.... it really is not that bad..

My point?

Perceived stress is just as bad as real stress!!

Because even if the event or trigger is small..... we can put so much energy into it that it grows..... to sometimes monumental proportions. 

Stress... perceived or otherwise has the power to bring you down.... no matter how talented, skilled or impactful you are.

And why do we do this?

Often it is a past experience or learned belief or story. Perhaps that story served us when we were young or, and we simply feel we are lacking the resoources to respond to the stress... even if we already have them. 

The event went well.

After having the insight to actually 'check in' and do some inner work... the event was a success.. but it was only after I had gone through headaches, lack of sleep, nausea and lots of bloating that I found it. 

So if you are stressed.... I encourage to explore it... be it through journalling, mediation or speaking to a coach who can give you some practical tools to help.

However if stress or anxiety is something you are constantly struggling with it may be worth exploring it more and creating an actual system to deal with it.

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With love Sabina