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Happy V Day

It’s time To Love Yourself!

If you believe in celebrating Valentines Day or you think it’s a load of commercial BS, you have to admit being reminded to show love can’t be that bad.

Especially when the reminder is actually at yourself.

You see I think that many of us putting our health, life and vitality up front and centre one of the reasons we struggle so much is because we simply don’t love ourselves enough.

As a society, at least when I was growing up, to love yourself and celebrate yourself was arrogant, self indulgent, egotistical.

‘ Look at her, she loves herself’

‘She is so stuck up’

‘He is so self centred’

There is a difference between having a big egotistical head and gracefully appreciating who you are, the latter being completely acceptable.

We have been told by society to save celebrating ourself for special occasions such as our birthday or Mothers or Fathers Day… but to hell with that… I say celebrate every day.

I don’t think you need an excuse.

So for that reason I say celebrate you today, tomorrow and the day after and hell… and after that…. (you get the picture)

You are worth celebrating… and if you have kids or people that look up to you then you get extra points. You showing them how to love yourself without being up your own bum, will show that that loving yourself is not self centred or arrogant, it is essential.

So give yourself a big hug and spoil yourself today and everyday

Happy Valentines Babe!!