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Is Gluten The Be All + End All?


But if you are looking for more energy? Less bloating? Less headaches and happier joints, I would say a big resounding YES.. but only if that is what you want?

And you know what... it is not as daunting as you might think. Gluten free living has gotten a lot of airtime, and whilst some of the foods out there are being made packed with additives and stuffers, there are some really good foods out there that are clean and simple that can really help you can progress in your gluten free journey and as a consequence in your health.

I should know...

If you have been following my journey you will know that weight loss was always on my radar. But like most of the world back then, I bought into the lies sold by the food manufacturing businesses that just wanted our hard earned dollar. 

They sold us the lies of low fat, low calorie, sweetener packed foods with additives to make up for the loss of taste of real food and I like billions of others bought into the billion dollar industry of 'diet foods'.

Then I grew up.... aka I had a baby!

And when the tricks I used to use to lose weight didnt work... I decided to get some help!

The help came and this amazing lady introduced me to the world of life without gluten... 

That started me on a bit of a research frenzy... after seeing the lady I devoured everything I could find about Gluten and as to why it was so shit for our body.  But that's another story!

My mind was literally blown!

I gave up Gluten the year of 2010. I had just had Zane and I was struggling to lose the last 5kg. 

I’m pretty deadline driven and with all my background in science I thought I would be able to get it off in no time…. but I was wrong

I discovered that whilst I could tolerate gluten it was not fuelling my body properly and definitely not giving be optimal health. 

At first I was in denial. I told myself that an age old protein such as gluten couldn’t be responsible for my lack of energy, bloating and digestive issues. And whilst there were a few other factors, gluten was definitely one of the biggest culprits to my health struggles. 

Gluten is so named because it acts like glue. It’s what gives dough that gluey, sticky consistency in cakes, biscuits, breads and pastas. It gives the oomph in a lot of textures of food.

But that’s where the positives end… gluten has been overused in our food, not to mention the protein has been pulled apart by food scientist to use it’s properties in EVERYTHING in our food, from sauces and gravies, to chocolates and mass produced curries and sweets.

This gluey substance is sneaky. 

Not only does it sneak into the least suspecting of foods in our supermarkets but it crosses the gut barrier to the bloodstream and this spells danger on a multitude of levels.


Because our food is not meant to be in our blood. The blood is a sterile area and being polluted by the outside world can lead to a massive attack on self. 

You see your immune system sees this foreign body as a bug… a foreign body that has come to attack us. 

As the good body that it is it begins to launch an attack on this foreign critter, causing a path of inflammation, destruction in its path.

Cue sore joints, headaches, autoimmune issues, menstrual cramps, bloating, skin issues, allergies etc.

The good news is this can be reduced and even reversed with the right protocol. 

And the even better news is this protocol is not that bigger deal. 

I have put all the science and research in to The Body Research, along with game changing strategies…. but if you are not yet ready to go all in on changin your whole life… starting my getting rid of the GLUTEN

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