how to be healthy with Sabina Sulovsky

There is so much noise around health and wellbeing.

Everybody is pushing their way of being healthy and strong and living their best life.

But I want you to listen up.

That is their best life, and that is their way.

It is not yours.

What works for you, works for you. 

And don't question it. You are a unique mass of magic, your kind of magic. You MUST embrace and nourish this and start to explore it.

Discover what works for you, not your best friend or sister or her on the telly, but what works for you.

Its not first, but when you become aligned with yourself and pay attention to how foods and exercises, media types and personalities make you feel, you can set about the task of either cultivating them or eliminating them.

Long story short, I dont want you to get caught up in the noise of what goes on for everyone else.

Not easy I know. Instead pay attention to you. Listen to your body, get curious about the food that you eat and how it reacts in your body, does it fill you with energy and joy or does it depress you and make you feel tired. 

Take bits of advice from others, celebrities, nutritionists and me, but do it with curiosity rather than fact.

Through trial and error and exciting exploration, learn what works for you. What makes you feel good? Your body feel strong and light? Your mind feel inspired and energised.

I want to empower you to learn your unique and personal way of heath and wellbeing and get ready to thrive, on your terms

how to be healthy

Discover your healthiest life. 

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