how to be healthy

One of the reasons I started coaching was because I came across so many people who were simply overwhelmed with all the noise around the to do's and don’ts of how to be healthy.

Everyone has a different take on how to be healthy.

One expert recommends eating no carbs, another one suggests eating no sugar, while a third one advises no meat or no dairy.

You want to learn how to be healthy, how to boost your happiness and wellbeing, but you just don't know where to begin and who to trust.

There is so much noise, so many mixed messages from the TV, social media, and others in a similar situation.

You just don't know where to begin.

This is so common.

What's more, this overwhelming feeling and "noise" around learning how to be healthy become a huge factor in why many people fall off the healthy trip. I mean there is so much to do.

I've been there. A lot. And I totally, totally understand and sympathize with you.

But I want to take a little bit of pressure off of you when learning how to be healthy. I want you to trust in the process, but I also want you to start small.

I know that is probably not what you want to hear. You are ready for action and you want immediate results. They will come, but looking at all the stuff you have to do has not worked in the past and will very likely not work in the future either.

I also want you to take charge of learning your way of being healthy - your way. No one else's but yours.

Everybody is unique. You have a unique body, metabolism, hormone levels, amount of muscle and so on and so forth. You are unique.

In order to be healthy, you have to get aligned with this uniqueness. This uniqueness is what makes you, you. So the diet or food your body thrives on may very well be different from what your bff needs, or your partner.

Still take on board, if you desire, the advice of others, but view it through the lens of your own body. How do you respond to dairy, gluten or refined sugar?

The very best tool you can use to learn about your body and how to be healthy as per your body's needs, is a lifestyle journal. Unlike a traditional food journal, a lifestyle journal takes into account everything that you are exposed to, well most of it anyway, and helps enable you to clearly make the link between what you are exposed to and how it makes you feel. This ranges from the kind of exercise you do to the social media you read. Some people thrive from yoga while others thrive on running. And maybe your social media browsing causes you to doubt yourself on some level.

By making this clear connection in how things make you feel, you can make an informed decision to either keep it in your life or not. The choice is yours.

It's really that simple.

Sure, the results won't happen overnight, but what you learn will be invaluable in teaching you how to be healthy for life.

Wishing nothing but love